the ability to live forever; eternal life.

“eating the fruit gave the gods immortality” (for example)

“Immortal” this word makes us remember fiction.  Why ?? Because immortal word isn’t available anywhere else other than in fiction. “I am immortal!!” this word is used by many people who thinks themselves immortal.  Well it is used by many supervillains in fiction.  From the “Unicron: the god of chaos ” to Thanos in Avengers,  they may be really immortal.  Why ?? Pretty simple,  they are fictional . Heroes don’t regard themselves as immortal, but villains do . Now imagine that a hero is telling in front of hundreds of people “I am immortal!! Nobody can defy me !!!!” . Haa….  Here comes the twist…..although the one wasn’t bad intentionally, but people would stare and think – ” ????” Eventually they would believe-” what ?? Hero tells them as immortal?? They aren’t a hero,  they are a villain!!!!”


                  Now examine , why people would assume something like that?? Because we all know , no one’s immortal and when people Regards themselves like that, they become villains.  The reason so is that only villains would do something like that for they feel proud with the power they have and regards it as never dying .

Now imagine that you are in a whole different world,  a world where there is everything similar to Earth,  except……”immortality” … People in your surroundings gained immortality and lastly you became “immortal “.

Think it…. Yess, so now that we got everything we need , just let’s start thinking- “WHAT IF YOU WERE IMMORTAL ??”


Now that we got to know about immortality.  We will take a look about an immortal world .

Immortality in daily routine::

You woke up and got yourself freshed up. Then you have to go to school/job . As a routine, you would not have the fear of deaths because of accidents (when traveling through car) . You may take your private car and can drive furiously without any accidental fears…..in order to reach your destination fast , you can also do something strange…… suppose you live in a hilly area and you have to go too low , instead of manual driving,  you can jump with your car , lol . But it would cost you much for your cars (reference to immortality and world in later on ) . It would greatly save your time .
The public vehicles??
The public vehicles would be as simple as they are in this world …..only a bit stunty …….
(Referring to same as first vehicle ones)

Pedestrians who walks would not be having such a problem  . Coz when if they suffer from any accidents….they wouldn’t die  🙂 .   Suppose two people are very much enemies to each other and once they had an extremely furious physical fight….from that day they would keep fighting untill their energy completely burns out .


Sound obvious,  right ? it it may be similar to the first topic but not at all. Immortality in daily life can be divided into this following topics ::

Hospital / doctors :: now how did this hospital came here ?? suppose from the first years of human beings a person was hit hardly to death but weight that person is time people would then come to know  that they were Immortal if the whole thing was evaluated we would come to know that there would not be any hospital because there will be no need of treatment to prevent vulnerability to death. There would  not be any surgeon also because why would people need search surgery when they would not die ? Yes there would be surgeries and surgeon but rarely  will we need if it was so then the fees would have been much high. Suppose a person had cardiac arrest and would die without a treatment but in an Immortal world cardiac arrest people would not die but for that treatment is needed but with too high cost ,  so in case of payments if we say ,  only the small doctors would be more paid what the surgeon would be less paid and the quantity of hospitals would be much smaller than in a real world.

CRIMES/CONFLICTS :: in case of crimes and conflicts ,in an immortal world ,   wonderful is balanced in such a way that crime world will be almost like our world ….. let me explain …… during a murder , the Killer kills a person and escapes or during some big crimes criminals kills eyewitness in original world. But it’s complete difference in any mortal world. There will be the deletion of the world “murdering”. Criminals now can’t kill the eye witnesses ,they can’t even neither kill the police or  the investigators after being seen ,they would can run but can be caught easily with the police , criminals can’t die they would be caught forever ,  therefore ensure criminals  world would be full of much more than hardships than in a normal world.

Generations :: Here comes the most interesting part. Yess, generations.  Let me explain in a short and detailed way…

      How do you feel like seeing that old King Arthur, to Genghis Khan to that ancient Mughal Empire Babur ?? That would be awesome. Even every kings and generations would be seen by us , we will be reading about them and then would be  meeting them up(not so easy)we would be feeling proud to meet our first those ancient people  about whom we read in our  history . From the Indus Civilization to Mesopotamian Civilization every people would be badly elderly and would see them and think that they are from those ancient times and when they will also read about themselves they would be feeling proud of themselves (obviously). Also the homo human? They would be almost dead but would not die ( explained later on ).?

SOCIAL IMMORTALITY:: as on every topic those all can be summed up on as sociality  for social immortality because now everything means social. This is just a summary of the above topic .

             Immortality and world

As we wish we stay in Immortal world, we would surely observing and thinking one thing that is population to  us population is the greatest factors in today’s world. Now that only some countries are facing constant population some declining while  most expanding , our data isn’t wrong so if a normal word faces  such  population factors , then imagine of an immortal world, the population of an Immortal world…….. when I think I literally start  having goosebumps.

                  Also the second great  factors is economy and money,  money isn’t available is easily and the result when heavy losses are there it would require huge and huge  sum of money as a explain due to the hospital surgery , we would also be needing money as a result  when you have  heavy losses , there is also huge sum of money loss so to cope of with population increase there were also be much problems in economics and money . And as such we would definitely not want to stay in such a world .


Immortality on PREHISTORIES would definitely make up our minds about those huge Dinosaurs and those ancestral animals. From that velociraptors to those dangerous saber-toothed tigers would be chasing us in our daily life and that’s where the Jurassic Park reference is coming ……Although Jurassic Park / world would be on real life reference but there would not be deaths (obviously ) . Those animals would have needed to be locked in a strong cage and people would have to be much careful about that as just like in the Jurassic world and Jurassic Park films , because if they get attacked they would experience death by being alive . (Much more painful)

Saber-toothed tiger


Now this is the last and most important thing. Even from the beginning we all would have been wondering about death. This is the most important thing. So, won’t we face death? How will we be when we will be very old?? although we would  enjoy our childhood and adulthood,  our enjoyment would gradually cease down when we would be growing older, our body parts will be damaged but not completely , we would be in an untold pain ……comparison with other three leg and broken portable table which is almost about to end but is still in use is pretty much simple. Therefore people would experience organ failure , every types of diseases which would almost kill a person within months would just in an  Immortal world people to feel the pain and in such cases it is better to die rather than feeling such a pain .


Immortality is  something that helps people to stay forever without experiencing that the proper death  but experiencing that by staying alive. So now let’s come in a real world and evaluate what may happen ?? My words are that the world is not Immortal it does may have one or two natural creatures such as jellyfish turritopsis dohrnii,   re-recycled their lives to stay Immortal with humans can’t why is this life without death ??we shall come in the world to enjoy, like that we are also here to go forever. Almighty has given everything in our world but nothing not even a table remain forever. If we think that nature is Immortal then is true but also its false. It also gets rebond after many years for example nature in prehistories time , was completely different than in our present world,  Immortal? But mother nature is always there with the same Avatar , unimmortal ??

But biologically,  immortal is a rare thing , which may be found in some rare kinds of species….maybe or not maybe…. … . But then also….there’s something beyond our eyes…..so ….but human immortality isn’t possible…

If biological beings rarely attend immortality, then that’s God’s creation. It’s not bad . They remain immortal for their rare ways of life processes…. the most common is a jellyfish topsi dohrnii…..


   “ALMIGHTY has chosen the right fate for an enjoyable life. We would not get enjoy in other such worlds or life like this “


Biological immortality::A biologically immortal living being can still die from means other than senescence, such as through injury, disease, or lack of available resources. … The term is also used by biologists to describe cells that are not subject to the Hayflick limit on how many times they can divide.

Almighty’s words – As i told earlier also…. almighty has given us a life of enjoyment which is balanced…so we should enjoy with what we got ….



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